The following individuals and references are a few of our friends, clients and advisees, both, former and current. We have not advised them that you may call or that they are listed below, so what they say will be real and unrehearsed. This is the most honest testimony on our capability that we can possibly imagine.

  • Jim Fleming, Head Football Coach, Rhode Island University
  • Jim Grobe, former Head Football Coach, Wake Forest University
  • Andy Talley, Head Football Coach, Villanova University
  • Mark Richt, Head Football Coach, University of Georgia
  • Brian Ellerbe, former Head Basketball Coach, University of Michigan; current Assistant Basketball Coach, George Washington University
  • Fred Goldsmith, former Head Football Coach, Duke and Rice Universities
  • Joey Meyer, former Head Basketball Coach, DePaul University
  • Brent “Buzz” Williams, Head Basketball Coach, Virginia Tech University
  • Barry Alvarez, Athletic Director, University of Wisconsin
  • Andy Geiger, former Athletic Director, Stanford University, Ohio State University and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Bobby Bowden, former Head Coach, Florida State University
  • Del Harris, former Head Coach, Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers