Martin J. Greenberg, Attorney
Co-Founder & Managing Member

Marty Greenberg is a licensed attorney, concentrating in the areas of real estate and sports law. He is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Marquette University Law School, where he has taught real estate and sports law courses for more than 40 years. He currently teaches a course in representing athletes and coaches in contract negotiations. He is the founder of the National Sports Law Institute (NSLI) and served as its Director from 1989 to 1997. He is, also, the former Chair and a current member of the NSLI’s Board of Directors.

Greenberg has extensive representation experience at the college and professional athletic levels, including coaches, general managers, broadcasters and owners. Some of his more recent accolades include the Wisconsin Bar Foundation Donald O’Melia Local Service Award (2009), the Wisconsin Law Journal Leaders in the Law (2009) and a notation in the publication “Best Lawyers in America – Sports Law”. Greenberg will receive the prestigious “Master of the Game” Award in October, 2014 from Marquette University, for his contributions to the sports industry.

Greenberg has authored or co-authored several sports-related books, including Sports Law Practice, Sport$Biz and The Stadium Game, Second Edition, and concentrates his sports law practice relative to the formation, interpretation, negotiation, termination and enforcement of contracts. Marty has written extensively on the subject of sports contracts, maintaining an unparalleled repository of publications, which can be found on Greenberg’s Coaching Corner website, hosted by the Marquette University Law School, select items of which can be found under the Educational Resources tab of this website. Marty earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin and his Juris Doctorate from Marquette University, with honors.

Thom Park, Ph. D.
Co-Founder & Managing Member

Thom has been a national leader in intercollegiate athletics for more than forty years. A 46-year Club Member of the American Football Coaches Association and a former member of the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics, Thom has accomplished substantial university-level teaching, having taught for 33 years at Florida State University and the University of Central Florida, serving as Courtesy Associate Professor of Sport Administration, and consulting/employment experiences in sports administration.

A playing veteran of the Tangerine Bowl, as well as having coached or played a football game in 25 different states and 6 NCAA conferences, and coach in the Peach, Liberty, Gator, and Cotton Bowls, Thom, also, served as a Division I athletic director at Liberty University. Thom has coached at the Universities of Maryland and Connecticut, The Citadel, West Chester University, the U.S.M.C and North Florida Christian High School. Thom is a national authority on business issues, careers and sports agency matters related to coaching and has published dozens of articles in American Football Monthly and through the American Football Coaches Association, all of which can be found on his personal website: www.drthompark.com.

Additionally, Thom has enjoyed more than 20 years of success as a financial advisor in the financial services industry, including as advisor, business or financial advocate, and deal-maker to numerous sports professionals. Since 2009, Thom, also, has concurrently managed a private equity firm in Tallahassee, Florida.

Thom proudly served our country as a U.S. Marine Corps armor officer (1967-1977) during the Vietnam War and served afloat with 2nd Bn. 4th Marines from 3rd Tank Battalion. He has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, a Masters of Education in Counselor Education and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Counseling and Human Systems. Thom, also, completed his postdoctoral fellowship in Sports Psychology at Florida State University in 1988.  Click here to see Thom speaking at the most recent National Collegiate Recruiting Conference in Boston, June 2014.

Bryan M. Ward, Attorney
Senior Contract Analyst

Bryan Ward is a licensed attorney and has extensive, cross-disciplinary experience in the areas of contract analysis, contract drafting and contract negotiation, including college head coaching contracts. Bryan collaborates with Marty Greenberg in all aspects of contract review and analysis, so that each Gamebreakers client’s contract is analyzed by, both, Marty and Bryan, to arrive at joint recommendations for each contract.

Bryan, a cum laude graduate of Marquette Law School, where he was a student of Marty Greenberg’s, brings, both, private and in-house law experience, having practiced at a West Virginia law firm, as well as a staff attorney for a Wisconsin-based healthcare system.

Beginning in 2009, Bryan and Marty began working together on an exhaustive contractual analysis of the non-relocation contract agreements for every team in Major League Baseball.  After completing their research and analysis, Bryan and Marty then co-authored a 131-page comprehensive law review article presenting the results of their contract analysis: Non-Relocation Agreements in Major League Baseball: Comparison, Analysis, and Best Practice Clauses, 21 Marq. Sports L. Rev. 7 (2010).

Bryan earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Marshall University.

Josh Davis, MBA, PMP
Director of Marketing and Finance

Josh Davis is a certified Project Management Professional, with an accomplished results-oriented career, including experience in project management, process improvement, public health care and early stage business development. He is passionate about the growth and success of small businesses, specializing in the fields of marketing, finance and strategic implementation. Josh earned a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree from Florida State University and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Florida.

Will Egan
Director of Client Relations and New Job Procurement

Will Egan has a passion for helping coaches in all aspects of career advancement: contract negotiations, job placement, and career management. Will specializes in surveying the College Football and Basketball landscape to find potential positions for our clients. As a member of The Gamebreakers, Will aims to deliver personal and professional service that is tailored to every individual client’s needs.