Client Procurement Consultants

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Ernest Downing, Jr.
Consultant for Client Procurement

Ernest Downing Jr. serves as a Consultant for Client Procurement for The Gamebreakers and is responsible for developing relationships with College Presidents, Athletic Directors, Sports Broadcasters, Radio/TV Producers, Personalities and Coaches.

Downing has a track record of over 20 years in the sports industry, including fourteen years as the President and Founder of All Pro Scouting, Inc., a talent scouting firm through which he advised prominent sports management firms that negotiated and secured more than $5 billion in sports contracts, ventures, and urban infrastructure projects. Through All Pro Scouting, Inc., he also directed the NFL Combine training camps, to help clients prepare for the NFL Combine and College Campus Pro-days.

He is an expert in client procurement and contract advisement and has formed strong and trusted relationships with many in the sports industry, advising highly regarded contract advisors that negotiated record breaking contracts for NFL Alumni’s John Browning, Antoine Winfield, LJ Sheldon, Peter Warrick, Dan ‘Big Daddy’ Wilkinson, Terry Glenn and former Heavyweight Champ Evander Holyfield.

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